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Absolutely, no single customer will be requiring any extra guidance for operating the eWineDine App. The app is user-friendly completely and the content of the guidelines is simple and easily understandable.

Digital Menu is a new gift of technology to spread happiness among every restaurant owner. It not only enhances the dining experience but also, helps to keep a record of every single detail of the daily activities. The owner of a restaurant can now easily update things on the tablet.

The use of internet connection is only limited for installing the app and for updating the menu. Every customer can place orders and submit bills without any internet connections. This helps for an instant ordering and bill submission with ease and comfort.

A combination of both the ways are made possible to every customer inside a restaurant. It entirely depends on the customers by which way they want to handle the operation.

There is no limitation for updating the menu in the Tablet Menu App. One can easily change and update the menu as per their requirements and as and when they want. This will help every diner to get the updated price of every food dish at all times.

This application can be installed on your mobile device systems. The app works seamlessly on Tablet, Ipad and Android phones. Installation of this app is completely free.

Definitely, the use of eWineDine App in your restaurant will bring quality and quick services. Comfortable ways of order placement and order submission will satisfy the needs and requirements of every customer and thereby, enhance every diner’s dining experience. One can easily place an order from the tab without waiting for the arrival of the waiter.

The reputation of a restaurant will be immensely increased in the customer’s mind by proving a hassle-free dining experience. The systematic categorization of every food menu and recording every seconds of the daily activities will surely increase the reputation of your restaurant.

This application has different ways to heighten customer’s engagement inside a restaurant. Every customer can use social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ from the tablet. Children can play games on the Tablet Menu whereas adults can check on the online recipe videos.

Allowing for an opportunity to read the content in every customer’s own preferred language will comfort their ordering experience. One can translate the language and check every detail of the menu easily. It also avoids communication barriers between the customers and the waiter.

Every tourist when travelling to a new place will easily help them to pay their bills inside a restaurant. Moreover, one can also know the up-to-date currency exchange rates of the countries. The app also helps you know the standard of a particular restaurant to the customers.